How I Plan My Homeschool Week

How I Plan My Homeschool Week

Curious how to streamline your homeschool? Learn how I plan my homeschool week to minimize the daily chaos AND create a homeschool portfolio in one step.

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2020 pre-k homeschool curriculum

2020 Pre-k Homeschool Curriculum: What We Actually Use

We’re six months into our pre-k homeschool year. These are the resources we’re ACTUALLY using for our 2020 pre-k homeschool curriculum.

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day in the life: pre-k homeschool

A Day in the Life: Pre-K Homeschool

Here’s a sneak peek into our normal daily routine homeschooling for pre-k. With a toddler at home and another baby on the way, it’s always an adventure!

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creating a homeschool vision

Creating Our Homeschool Vision

Learn how we created a homeschool vision statement, and how you can craft a unique and meaningful homeschool vision plan for your family.

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Where the heck have we been?

We’re back! Surprises, Medical Mysteries, and a New Way Forward

Pregnancy, medical mysteries, choosing to homeschool…oh my. Learn more about Rumination Syndrome and how we’re handling it.

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learning gifts for toddlers

Best Learning Toys for Toddlers

Give Santa a helping hand with this ultimate list of learning toys for toddlers, including a free gift organizer to help organize your holiday shopping!

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losing baby teeth at age four

Losing Baby Teeth at Age Four?

Did you know four-year-olds can lose their baby teeth? We didn’t! Learn how we reacted when our barely four-year-old kiddo got her first loose tooth!

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feminist halloween costume Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Toddler Ruth Bader Ginsburg Costume

Check out this super easy — and SUPER CUTE – Ruth Bader Ginsburg costume. Before long, your toddler will be shouting “I dissent!”

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learning gifts for preschoolers

Best Learning Gifts for Preschoolers

This is the ULTIMATE list of learning gifts for preschoolers, including math, logic, literacy, gross motor, & music. Most importantly, they’re FUN!

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Feminist Halloween Costumes: Amelia Earhart

Toddler Amelia Earhart Costume

This super-cute toddler Amelia Earhart costume is simple, practical, and so much fun to wear!

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