learning gifts for toddlers

Best Learning Toys for Toddlers

Give Santa a helping hand with this ultimate list of learning toys for toddlers, including a free gift organizer to help organize your holiday shopping!

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losing baby teeth at age four

Losing Baby Teeth at Age Four?

Did you know four-year-olds can lose their baby teeth? We didn’t! Learn how we reacted when our barely four-year-old kiddo got her first loose tooth!

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feminist halloween costume Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Toddler Ruth Bader Ginsburg Costume

Check out this super easy — and SUPER CUTE – Ruth Bader Ginsburg costume. Before long, your toddler will be shouting “I dissent!”

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learning gifts for preschoolers

Best Learning Gifts for Preschoolers

This is the ULTIMATE list of learning gifts for preschoolers, including math, logic, literacy, gross motor, & music. Most importantly, they’re FUN!

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Feminist Halloween Costumes: Amelia Earhart

Toddler Amelia Earhart Costume

This super-cute toddler Amelia Earhart costume is simple, practical, and so much fun to wear!

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Homeschool in a Small Space

Homeschooling in a Small Space

Are you wondering how to homeschool in a small space? See how we turned our dining room into a homeschool room with space for art, music, nature, and books!

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worldschooling in el salvador

Worldschooling in El Salvador

Curious about worldschooling with kids? Read about our epic road trip from Guatemala to El Salvador with a four-year-old and a toddler.

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kid artwork organization

How to Organize Children’s Artwork

Overwhelmed by kid artwork? Follow these three simple steps to organize any school paper that your child creates. Free schoolwork labels included!

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homeschool music education square pin

Homeschool Music Education for Pre-K

Ideas and inspiration for incorporating music appreciation and music education into your preschool, pre-k, or kindergarten homeschool.

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girl holding balloons with text Back to School ideas for Homeschool

Back-to-School Traditions For Your Homeschool

It’s back to school season! Check out this list of back to school traditions for fun, silly, creative, and delicious ways to kick off the new school year.

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