This blog is a love letter to you.

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To my fellow world travelers.

To the homeschoolers, the afterschoolers, the weekend-schoolers, and the worldschoolers.

To the ones who itched inside their skin during their 9-5s, in their quiet suburbias, their bustling urban apartments, or wherever the traditional life took you.

To the ones who wanted more for their lives.

More for their kids.

More for their families.

Come on in.

We’re going to have some fun.

I’m Elizabeth, a former ER nurse and a current expat and homeschooler.

This wasn’t exactly the plan.

B&W baby and cat in a window

We fell into homeschooling accidentally after our oldest daughter’s daycare suddenly closed due to staff negligence and abuse. It was a nightmare situation, on top of a nightmare year, and I was eager to stay home for a little while to recover (I still worked pretty much every weekend, but at least I was home during the week).

Searching for something to fill up our days, I started homeschooling for preschool.

We had so much fun.

But it wasn’t a long-term plan, just a temporary solution to crazy expensive (and, at times, sub-par) local childcare options.

After two years, we traded suburban America for Guatemala City.

But once back overseas, we found ourselves on the same old traditional roller coaster: kids in school all day, both of us working, feeling our pocketbook stretched to pay for those fancy schools, and overwhelmed with packed schedules and long days.

I didn’t want that life anymore.

So after an epic amount of waffling, I made the leap. I quit my traditional job, and I turned down the admission to the fancy (read: expensive) local schools for my kids.

I started doing only those things that made me feel good.

I just kept doing what felt good.

This included:

  • going outside, every single day
  • reading oodles of books to my kids
  • traveling as often as we could
  • writing a novel

It did not include:

  • a daily commute
  • expat mix-and-mingles
  • dragging my kid out of bed and then putting her on a bus early in the morning
  • going to the gym

And you know what?

Our family life blossomed.

We are eating better. Sleeping more. Traveling often. Learning copiously. 

I couldn’t imagine going back to that life we had before.

Now, we are a family of four currently living in Guatemala.  We’ll be here three years total, and then it’s on to the next adventure.

I love babywearing, cooking from scratch, doing crafts with my kids, reading sci-fi and fantasy novels until the wee hours of the night, and writing. I am a happier person when I spend at least an hour or two outside, every single day.

I have a sweet one-year-old who learned to sing before she learned how to talk, and who has an iron will for what she wants.

I have a creative, smart, funny, and wild little four-year-old. She is utterly convinced that unicorns are real and seagulls are make-believe.

And I am lucky enough to be married to someone who  bakes me homemade bread every single week.

We travel a lot with the kids. Some of the trips are magical. Some of them are…not so magical. But we keep traveling.

Supango Kite Festival Guatemala
 Not all of our travels-with-kids are magical

We homeschool the oldest, using the best of Waldorf, Charlotte Mason, classical, and Montessori methodologies. I love Brave Writer, and I have a girl crush on The Homeschool Sisters.

My blog is for all of the families out there who are searching for ways to make time for more of what matters — connection, adventure, learning, love. I provide tips and inspiration to make homeschooling and intentional living easier, even when resources are limited.  

I’m so glad you’re here.



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