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Toddler Amelia Earhart Costume

Looking for a feminist Halloween costume for your toddler girl? This toddler Amelia Earhart costume is warm, practical, and so much fun to wear!

feminist halloween costumes: amelia earhart

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Feminist Halloween Costumes for Girls

One of the best parts about having kids is that you get to dress them up in ridiculous outfits amiright?

I’m always on the lookout for strong feminist costumes for my girls, at least while they’re young. I figure I only have so many years when I can override the draw of the princess/ballerina/mermaid costume. Until that happens, I’m exerting my executive privilege.

Over the years, we’ve managed to put together some really spectacular costumes for our strong girls, and this toddler Amelia Earhart costume is one of my favorites.

toddler Amelia Earhart costume

Criteria for Feminist Halloween Costumes

When I’m putting together feminist costume ideas for my kids, it has to meet a few simple criteria (beyond just looking awesome, of course!)

First, it has to be comfortable to wear. I want my girls to be able to run, jump, and tumble in their costumes, especially at the neighborhood Halloween parties.

Second, I don’t sew. I have no interest in learning to sew. So it has to consist of components that I can buy.

Third, the costume has to be practical. I want my girls to be warm while trick-or-treating, and I want them to be able to play in their costumes at school or daycare or the park — nothing too bulky or difficult to get off at potty time.

Next, I want costume items that can be used as part of regular everyday wear to keep costs down.

Last, I want the costumes we buy to add to imaginative fun all year long. I’m okay spending a bit more money on a nice materials for our costumes, considering that they all end up in our dress-up bin for year-round play.

This toddler Amelia Earhart costume ticks all the boxes!

toddler in Amelia Earhart costume

How to Make a Toddler Amelia Earhart Costume

This costume is SUPER easy.

At the time of purchase, it cost us $60 for the aviator jacket, $10 for the pants, and around $14 for the aviator’s hat. We used shoes we already had on hand as well as a white scarf from our dress-up bin. (She’s also wearing a plain long-sleeve onesie underneath for warmth.)

I can hear what you’re thinking — $85 altogether for a toddler costume?!

girl in stroller in Amelia Earhart costume

But here’s the thing — that jacket became my toddler’s autumn coat all season long. The pants are just normal pants that my daughter continued to wear until she outgrew them. The hat is the only part of the costume that is truly aviator-specific. And three years since she first wore this costume, she still plays with that aviator hat regularly.

So, in reality, this “costume” cost us around $15 and the rest are items that were incorporated into our regular everyday-wear.

Amelia Earhart Costume Components

The Aviator Jacket

How cute is this aviator jacket? It is also warm, comfortable, and works as an autumn jacket all season long. Totally worth the price in my book!

The Aviator Hat

We LOVE this aviator hat. It is the perfect size for toddler noggins and it makes for great imaginative play all year round.

Aviator Scarf

It’s all about the accessories, right? This white scarf really completes the costume — it just didn’t look right without it. Use one you have at home, or pick up one cheap on Amazon.

Brown (or Sparkly!) Pants

While it is important to me that my girls become familiar with strong women through their play and the books that we read, I have nothing against indulging their love of all things glittery.

Yes, a pair of plain brown leggings would totally work for this costume, but we jazzed things up with a pair of gold sparkle leggings.

Add a pair of black boots, and your little aviator is ready for trick-or-treat time!

Extend the Fun

When possible, I like to stock our bookshelf with a few books related to the costume of the year.

This helps the kids understand exactly who they are for Halloween, and gives us a chance to understand the role these women play in history. It also gives us a little more bang for our buck when we can make a costume double as a learning opportunity.

(But did you really need an excuse for more books? I thought not.)

Here are some great Amelia Earhart books to add to your library:

Who Was Amelia Earhart? By Kate Boehm Jerome 

I am Amelia Earhart by Brad Meltzer

Amelia Earhart by Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara

A Picture Book of Amelia Earhart, by David A. Adler

National Geographic Readers: Amelia Earhart, by Caroline Gilpin

More Ways to Play

Children learn best through play! You can extend the fun even more with a few fun activities related to Amelia Earhart specifically or planes in general.

This is NOT about turning every interest into a unit study. It’s simply about helping our kids see connections in the world around them.

You also don’t need to do all of these activities around Halloween. Let them naturally build on each other over time and follow your child’s interests.

Lay the foundation for learning with a few books at bedtime or over breakfast.

Strew out some art supplies or dress-up clothes to encourage play.

Then just step back, and let your kids explore!

Box Plane

small children in their own box planes

The classic box-plane: simple, fun, and crazy engaging. It makes for a great craft-time activity that my kids will play with for hours.

small children in box plane

Flight Lessons

girl playing in box plane watching flight video

No need to visit the airport or get your pilot’s lesson — let your kids play in their box planes while watching real-flight videos on YouTube.

Visit an Airport

blond toddler and father in front of military plane

This might not be possible for all folks, but if you have the opportunity to visit a civil or military airfield — do it!

And you would be surprised how often these areas are willing to give tours — all you need to do is ask. Even better if you can get a few friends together for a field trip!

family on military plane with service member

Share your Amelia Earhart Costume with Me!

Share your Amelia Earhart costume (or your favorite costumes celebrating strong women)!

Tag me on Instagram @Simple_tender_joyful. I can’t wait to see your own strong little women!

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Looking for a cute costume for your tiny feminist?  This Amelia Earhart costume is warm, comfy, and oh-so-fun!  Read on for more ideas to learn about Amelia Earhart, including books, play ideas, and a field trip option!

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