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Ruth Bader Ginsburg Costume for Toddlers

Looking for an adorable — and easy! — Halloween costume for your little feminist? This Ruth Bader Ginsburg costume is a winner on all counts.

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feminist halloween costumes: ruth bader ginsburg

One of my greatest parenting feats was convincing my toddler that she should be RBG for Halloween.

This was an extra-fantastic costume because it easily met all my feminist Halloween costume requirements: fun, practical, warm, and with re-usable components for year-round play. Even better, this costume was relatively cheap and SUPER easy to put together.

How to Make a Ruth Bader Ginsburg Costume

This costume is SO easy and only requires a few components.

The most important part of the costume is the black gown. I found a preschool graduation gown online, and this worked perfectly.

For the collar (which I later learned is actually called a jabot), I bought a pack of lace doilies and cut out the center to make a neck hole.

I added a pair of costume glasses and a plastic gavel, and BAM – instant RBG.

The only other finishing touch for this costume is the tight bun — a little hairspray and a few bobby pins, and we were in business.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg costume during community Fire Station tour for Halloween

RBG Costume in Action

We got so much use out of this costume. Since it was warm, comfortable, and easy to throw together, we wore this RBG costume all over town.

It held up to multiple costume parades and neighborhood block parties. The lace doily did tend to get stretched out with multiple wears, but I just replaced it with another from the six-pack.

But the best part about this costume? You get to hear your toddler shouting things like “RBG!” and “I dissent!”

This RBG Costume Does Double-Duty

Ruth Bader Ginsberg costume for "Community Helper Day" at preschool

About a year after Halloween, I woke up to find a crumpled flyer in my daughter’s backpack reminding parents that it was “Community Helper Day” at preschool and everyone needed to wear a costume. 🙄

This Ruth Bader Ginsburg costume came back together in two minutes flat, although we did upgrade the gavel to Thor’s Hammer because a) I couldn’t find the original gavel and b) I loved the visual of RBG with literal superpowers.

Books To Complement Your RBG Costume

Looking to extend the fun? Check out these fun books about Ruth Bader Ginsburg. This lady is FASCINATING, people.

I Dissent: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Makes Her Mark

I loved this biography about Ruth Bader Ginsburg — this lady was seriously badass. The book was a little advanced for my two-year-old, but it works now for her at age four.

I Look Up To…Ruth Bader Ginsburg

For younger readers, this sweet RBG board book is a winner.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg: The Case of R.B.G. vs. Inequality

This book about RBG has won a ton of awards, and it’s on our reading list once my daughter gets just a tad older.

Do You Have a Mini-RBG In Your House?

Share your favorite feminist or Ruth Bader Ginsburg costumes with us on Instagram @Simple_Tender_Joyful!

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